Friday, July 3, 2015

What I Did This Week #20

Ok - so apparently when you schedule a post at a certain time, you still have to hit "Publish". Yes, I knew this as I have scheduled posts before but apparently that did not happen. The reason I scheduled this was specifically because I had to be up early today; and on top of that I was unable to check it until just recently... hence the late link up! Ack! Back to the original post...

Are you guys all set and ready for celebrating tomorrow? I know I am! What are your 4th of July plans... lots of fireworks? Apparently a local lake here where they do fireworks every year has gotten its hands on a firework that they will be using for part of their finale that is supposed to be to stretch a mile long when it pops. We will have to see! 

I decided to go ahead and give another unfinished look at the Lined Drawstring Bags... I have plans for more. They are simply that fun and that quick and that fun! 

So far I can't really keep a favorite persay. As soon as I believe I have a favorite I start finding things in another that I absolutely love and admire. First my favorite was that square polkadot print with the bold yellow... then I went cutsie and fell in love with the pink flower-y one... then I loved the awkward and yet bold text print with the metallic snake print... and you get the point from there. I am even pleased with the brown/cream flannel print with the blue; although I believe I went a little too far outside the box for the inside. I guess there is always a way to figure out color choices, huh?

If I were to select a 'set' of these as my favorite, it would be the 3 below. I think it's because either one of them are things I would typically put together. The pink flower-y one screams to me that it was meant for tea parties, the text print and snake print combo is something I would never have done and while the paisley prints are easy to visually say to put them together at the same time, I can see the struggle in putting them together because sometimes when I look at it I feel it looses it's paisley effect. I still appreciate it. 

I'd show you off the remainder of the squirrel that I finished but then I'd be spoiling it, so just a little while longer. That took up a large portion of my time this week as these bags I split up the work in two nights from the cutting to the creating. I do think they look extra cute now with the drawstrings in them. 

So now you know what my plans are for the 4th of July and What I Did This Week, now I want to know What YOU Did This Week. All around, I hope everyone has a safe, happy and full of laughter 4th of July with the people you love! 

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

WIP'n It Up

Ok, so I can't show you too much; although as promised yesterday from my plans... all of these bags are done. I guess I could show the bags and not all of the people would know which one is going to them, but then... well, we will just have to wait until they are all received. With that being said, there isn't too much updating for today's current WIP going on. They aren't filled with their goodies yet, but will be tonight. Last night was long enough, these bags kept me busy and that squirrel made my head spin.

Yesterday I slightly spoke about how some of these I was questioning together; like that text print and the metallic snake skin print together (top) and the brown/mustard flannel print with the blue/white/purple print (2nd from bottom)... so far I am happy I have continued pushing through them. When I see them laid out like this I could already see it coming together and 'making sense'.

Sad news - look at a picture for a finished block for this paper piece Star Plus Block, that was the only time I noticed it. Inset major grumpy face here. Not even while I was taking the picture did I realize it, it was afterwards looking through the pictures. Ugh. I have already become friends with my seam ripper and am ready to make the other half again tonight. My error was marking the colors incorrectly on that end with the blue vs. pink (although it looks red/orange in this picture).

If there is one thing I hate worse than seam ripping, it is seam ripping a paper pieced pattern. The torture. I hope you have better news and extra fabric yumminess to share than what I do!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Assembly line of fabric... and a Squirrel Head

So I have quite a few gifts/swaps going out. Like, quite a few. For right now, I have 6 Lined Drawstring Bags that are in the beginning stages (a.k.a. Fabric selected). They will be cut and made tonight so they can be stuffed and mailed out this week. Current feeling: Accomplished.

The lined drawstring bags are a tutorial from In Color Order and it is super super quick and easy... like one of the easiest things ever to make. And it's lined. And it's cute. I made my first one for a swap to put all the of gifts in and I have been sold since.

Here begins my selections of fabric:

Looks like an odd selection, right? The brown/cream is actually a flannel and really soft. It has an interesting design that is what you could consider chevron so it definitely gives it more appeal than just this brown-ish color that you would dismiss right away. I thought it would be a good base and have the other blue fabric be the accent for the top of the drawstring bag. Both fabrics are from a scrap bag I got from MSQC (Missouri Star Quilt Company).

This one is going to be oh-so-pretty (I think). The base will be the more pink fabric which is a very soft cotton; I would relate it to feeling like Liberty of London fabric. I'll be using a slightly thicker interfacing to help support itself better. I thought the teal background on the other with the pink flowers blended perfectly with the base. The base pink was given to me as part of a donated load of fabric and the accent was part of a scrap bag from MSQC (The partial selvage shows it is a Moda line - designer last name Ryan).

This one is going to be super fun. I haven't decided which will be the base fabric and what will be the accent, what are you thoughts? I have enough of each to make either of them... it would have been easier to have only enough of one so that the decision wouldn't be so complicated. Ha. I have seen both of these and I am horrible at recalling any line that I don't have stock on (and I still have trouble with those); they both came from a scrap bag from MSQC. Are you catching the trend?

I'll switch it up for you on these... they aren't from a scrap bag. They are scraps though. These are left over pieces from the Winter Frost baby quilt I finished earlier this year; it was part of the Winter Frost line that I made a Winter Frost quilt out of and my friend (the client) does not like Paisley so these quickly got the boot out of the pile for use. Again, any opinions on which to use for the base and which for the accent? I think it would personally work both ways... but I have such a hard time deciding. Quilter problems, eh?

*I tried locating the Winter Frost Line for this and don't see it available anywhere. I believe the newer line is out and about. I had originally gotten the bundle from Fat Quarter Shop but the original link is no longer there. Sorry!

These two are fat quarters that I picked up randomly awhile back and wouldn't be able to know where. I tend to just grab fat quarters any time they catch my eye even if I have no idea what I will make with it... but fat quarters are always great to have on hand, right? Besides, I feel I am doing injustice by purchasing other things and not even a piece of fabric. I already decided on having the deformed chevron pattern to be the base and the leaves be the accent... this one may be difficult to give away.

The last set and probably the one I am most questioning myself on is a large scrap piece of a crossword fabric I got last year for the Tone It Down Charm Swap and matched with a snake skin scrap from a what... you guessed it, scrap bag from MSQC. You can't tell in the picture but it has metallic in it and when I look at them together I see it coming together... then I look again and I don't. Aaahhh!

I have decided to just go with it and not question myself as these aren't difficult to make and I can always make something else if I don't like it that much. Sometimes just seeing two fabric next to one another doesn't do it justice for how it will look together when put together. If that makes any sense. In my head it does. Ha.

Can you see it? Please tell me you can see it... because if not then I may have to rethink my fabric selections. Each fabric already used are the fabrics selected as pre-set 'letters' in the pattern and I was fearing I may not be able to see the shape well enough. I believe I see it because I know exactly what it is, but if you didn't...? Well, if not... I guess I'll have a cool squirrel block for myself. Why do I question myself so much? This really never used to be an issue. I will keep trucking along on this as this will be completed tonight. The pattern is from Forest Abstractions by Violet Craft. I intend to make all of them, but that will be over time. They aren't difficult, but it is a lot of stop and go. I have plans on making that awesome dough square into a large floor pillow... cool or what?

Well, it seems like I need to get back to my numbers for the day while at the same time I do nothing but think of quilting. Totally normal. I am really excited to get home and get these all put together. My time is all planned out and basically these are all going to be done or I can't go to bed until they are. Strict rules around this house! Back to the schedule...

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival Stash

On Friday, I shared that the prior weekend I volunteered for my Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild at the booth at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival; not only did I have tons of fun but it was a great way to say, "But I couldn't pass up that deal!" ha. As promised, here is the awesome loot I came home with!

A local store owner for Modern Quilter and a fellow quilt member, I couldn't pass up these (although there was plenty more I wanted). I got a fat eighth bundle of a line that I know I have seen it, but not sure of the name (if you know it, I would love to update this) along with a half hard of that beautiful floral by Westminster called Dress Floral. The reds and pinks with that hint of teal/turquoise really pop more in person.

Couldn't pass up the Jelly Roll by Moda, Zen Chic. Not sure if it was the patterns or the coral that attracted me, but it definitely is purtty, right? This was from Dogwood Quilting located in Ava, Missouri. I eyes ended up loving this line so much so, I couldn't pass up some more of this line...

... so I also got the mini charm pack of the line from another semi-local guild, Blue Valley Modern Quilt Guild and their booth. Their members all came together to make things to sell at the booth, it was a great bunch of loot and I wish I could have gotten more. I didn't leave before picking up two Quilters Stiletto's though, you can't go wrong with these! 

I forgot the name of this Quilt store, it wasn't local but they had quite a sale going on (30%!!!)... I went a little crazy here. New thread snippers that I am excited about (and their green), a fat quarter of this beautiful yellow and blue (I need more), 2 Charm Packs both from Free Spirit - one of Up Parasol and the other Birch Farm, 3 mini Charm Packs all from Moda - Gardenvale, Fresh Air and Reel Time along with (you know it) yet another seem ripper! I (and I assume we) will never be without enough of these! 

Heavenly Kneads located in Humboldt, Kansas had quite a booth with tons of amazing snaps along with your normal fabric shop supplies. Personally, I couldn't stay away from the snaps. They also sold snap bracelets where you could switch these out as often as you'd like; however they were a bit too expensive for my liking and I chose just to snag some awesome snaps. What do you think?

Last but not least, the booth next to my MQG's booth, Accuquilt. Yes, they almost sold me the Accuquilt cutter. I didn't snag much but yet again, another mini charm pack from Moda called Weeds, I do have a Jelly Roll of this line so it only seemed right that I have more of it. hehe I decided not to pass up Best Press, I have been hearing about it all over and thought I should get on the band wagon. I have yet to give it a go but that doesn't mean anything yet! 

Not too shabby for booth after booth, after booth of all lovely quilting stuff, huh? I think I did pretty good considering, because I could have seriously done so much more! Couldn't we all? Now to let these sit while I finally make the things I have envisioned for them in my head. I am not the only one that struggles with this, right? If so, that is ok... it all gets done some day. 

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Friday, June 26, 2015

What I Did This Week #19

Ok, so let's be real. This year, while with high expectations, as seen pathetically here; I had high hopes. I had high hopes of a better year with everything in my life, from the simplest things like enjoying my long commute rides because they pay the bills to the most extreme things like... will my marriage survive?

Caught up on my Color Inspiration Clubs 1/2 yard cuts from Pink Castle Fabrics
::cough:: 4 mos behind ::cough::
 You can research just about anywhere and the average divorce rate of any marriage in the United States is 50%. The rate even higher for multiple. How did it ever get to this point? I truly never saw any of it coming. While surviving other heartbreaking pain between the two of us I have never seen or thought of us 'not making it'. Then everything comes to a blow and one word is said, another person is gone and you're left with the simple question of "what just happened?" You finally chop it up for some time that everything is going to somehow turn around and it will be like it was... knowing that you're kidding yourself but you just need to hang on... just a little longer. It doesn't keep happening. Anyhow... I am sure you get the point and I am not going to bore with the details. Truthfully, while this year has launched some amazing and great things that I am excited to start sharing with you... it sure has been a match for me.

Blocks from a class with Angela Pingel @ Cut to Pieces
Quilt Design/Pattern: Nine Patch Curves
Book: Quilters Mixology
Not only to myself but to others, I have not been reliable or accountable and I have just sucked. I have been great at behind the scenes of things going on, but not with family or friends. That doesn't feel good saying that and putting it out there, but yet it does because it makes me accountable for just that in itself. My focus has been everywhere else this year even though it hasn't been wanting to be. It has been a real struggle finding my balance with all of the new life events that came around. I swore I use to handle these things better years ago... what happened?

Pre-Sewn together view of the Nine Patch Curves Quilt
What happened is something I could give quite a few answers to, but truth of the matter is what is happening now and Moving Forward. I have hung myself up on things for far too long when in fact there is so much around to be Grateful for that I have sincerely worked my butt off for. I lost my self confidence, I mean... if I can't save my marriage then I can't be good at anything else, right? Wrong. But I struggled. And struggled.

2nd Class with Angela Pingel @ Cute to Pieces
Design/Pattern: Adore-la
The month of June I began reading back on my earlier posts this year, trying to revisit and find inspiration in my original hopes and intents for this year. No need to point the fingers; Man, did I completely go off track. Man, am I getting myself back on track.

After returning from a business conference, I had volunteer work for my Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild at our booth that following weekend. This was a great entrance to the show. Simple, old fashioned blocks made into what I would consider modern because of all the use of WOWzer pops of color.
Part of my struggle was that behind the scenes I was working on quite a bit, but they are for later this year and I couldn't post about. I basically said yes to many things with deadlines so close together. [Mental Note: Ask what deadline is before saying YES.] So while I have felt so off because there hasn't been anything to talk about or do extra from what I was doing, I have been doing stuff. I had always kept up before though, but as I said earlier, this year was definitely my match. It made me sit out for a few rounds.

Our booth for the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild. There were some other extra touches and I wish I had gotten a picture of the full booth, but I was quite busy telling people about the amazing pattern and how I expect to see their faces at our next Guild Meeting! Then afterwards I went and spent lots of green loot on fabric loot and supplies! I got some pretty awesome things! I'll be sharing them this weekend!

June was my final round. I have taken the past couple of weeks to revamp plenty and restart my habits. They say it takes 2 months to create a habit, good or bad. While it has been 3 weeks, I know I am on the road... but lets be real; I can't keep quiet for 2 months solid. Plus, now with my better habits I have had more free time for the fun stuff as you've seen through the pictures. This was definitely an interesting post to put together... it shared what I have been doing as well as sharing me a bit more personally. Either way, I am excited for the remaining of this year and what other great things and people come my way!

End Result Group Pic from the class on Adore-la.
Such a great group of ladies and so much fun!

The first part of this year may have been one heck of a round, but it isn't winning me over and I can still finish the game! While WIDTW has been so inconsistent, there will not be a missed week for the rest of the year and forth coming! I apologize for any who have come by and it has been not here or for my absence. I am ok with what has occured this first part of the year, what matters for me and what I can do as part of the community is moving forward. 

Wonder what I may have gotten at the Regional Quilt Festival? Check it out on Sunday! 

Now that I have opened myself up and shared What I Did This Week (and all prior weeks)... What Did YOU Do This Week? What has been going on with you!? I love checking out everyones crafty creativity! 

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Friday, June 5, 2015

What I Did This Week #18 - WIDTW

Short and sweet... it appears to be the way this blog is lately. Two more weeks... two more weeks...

In the meantime, this week I have been prepping other things such as completing all of my supplies for two patterns in this awesome book by Angela Pingel who blogs at Cut To Pieces!

She also has a video that I should be receiving soon also... I will be sharing the dare she shared on her original blog post when she shared her news of the video as I am one who is always up for a dare. :::wink wink:::

Back to why I am excited about this book; because well, Angela Pingel is coming to town! That's right, I will be in the presence of Angela Pingel for 3 days in a row people! The Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild (KCMQG) is having her to teach TWO classes, one on Friday, June 12th and Saturday, June 13th along with speaking at our monthly guild meeting Thursday, June 11th! Raise your hand if you have to work a civilian job and you specifically take vacation/sick days to attend such classes when you can NOT pass them up (both my hands are up and shaking!). It is almost embarrassing when I go into my boss and inform him the reason I need a day off (especially when that day off is right before leaving on a business trip that will have you out of the office for 3 days the following week)... luckily he just smiles and as long as I have everything situated, he lets me have it off.

I purchased this through iTunes as the price was pretty significant. You have to have the book for the class and this was the last item I needed... not sure why I didn't think of it prior but I thought this would be a good book to get digitally for easy traveling purposes. As much as I love having the actual book, sometimes simplicity for traveling around and being able to have MULTIPLE books on me at once wins. The paper back is reasonably priced and was going to go to purchase after work today until I decided to do it the digital way... searching through lead me to iTunes being $5.00 cheaper than all other digital downloads... so if you're interested!

I didn't take any pictures of all of my fabric preparations... but such that goes when you are as excited as I am and having fun!

Now that you know the main gist of What I Did This Week, What Did YOU Do This Week!?!? Be sure to link up, I can't wait to see!

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Friday, May 29, 2015

What I Did This Week #17 - WIDTW

How did a week go by? How did a week go by since I was at The Lake of the Ozarks? In the moment everything seems to stand still, especially when I am looking at views such as this.

Not much in the way of sewing happened as much as I'd like, but I did bring my sewing machine and set it up in the home for some late night sewing - we all do that, right? haha. I did sew a wrap around boat extension cover for one of my Uncle's boats. The sun had been beating down on it and was slowly fading the blue stripe on it - he already had the fabric and I had the sewing machine, so I just had to hem all of the edges. Easy-peasy. I'll be sure to take pictures of it when I am back up there in another month or so.

We did get to enjoy a day out on the boat, a few hours cruising around. That is my friend Kathi and my Uncle John... Aunt Mary is off on the other side of the boat. Whether it is because I grew up on the ocean or what, I absolutely am a water baby. I love being out on or near the water.

Not the best of pictures... but do you see almost right in the center of the picture, about a quarter ways down, there is a small dock, right at the tip of the next turn/cove? Well, in this picture it doesn't even look that far, but it is a good distance. This was later in the evening on Saturday when it was raining and all of the boats were pretty clear of the water... I padded myself (yes, sitting down) all the way there and back in less than 12 minutes. I might have pat myself on the back for that one. The best part, I was never tired or got sore.

The last day I was there... the most beautiful, of course. I spent about two hours on a standing up paddle board (a.k.a. sitting down paddle board) and got sun burnt pretty good. Thankfully it is already healed for the most part with minimal peeling. The first burn of the season...

Now what can I burn on the sewing machine this weekend? You know What I Did This Week... so please share What YOU Did This Week! I'd love to check it out!

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